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Peerbet Review: Earn Free Kin Token To Your Trust Wallet

What is Kin Cryptocurrency

About Kin

Kin is money for the digital world. It is used to generate value through a shared, decentralized cryptocurrency in a digital ecosystem of apps and their users.

Features Of Kin


Kin is a cryptocurrency with an amazing array of built-in functionality and programmability. When you implement Kin, you enrich your user experience with new possibilities.


Design engaging and valuable user experiences, and let your users see the benefits and utility of Kin. These engagements contribute to the creation and well-being of an interconnected Kin digital economy.


When the Kin ecosystem grows, you grow. Increase the value of your app and utility of Kin, creating a positive cycle of growth that benefits the entire Kin Ecosystem — a rising tide lifts all boats.

What is Peerbet?

Peerbet is a fun and free Peer-to-Peer social prediction game that puts you against other players on the latest sports, Political and Entertainment events.

How To Earn Free Kin Token From Peerbet

Step 1: Go to trust wallet and search for kin. You will see two kin coins. Choose the one that has SPL under it, and turn the button "on". See screenshot below.

Step 2: Copy your kin SPL wallet address and paste somewhere. That's the wallet address to which you will be sending your earned kin tokens from peerbet.

You can see your kin wallet address by clicking on "Receive". See screenshot below.

As you can see from the screenshot below, your kin (SPL)  address is there. You can also copy the address from there. 

Step 3:  Follow this Peerbet URL link below to download and register on peerbet App.

Step 4: Download the app and complete your registration, once you login, just look at your top right side you will see "50" kins already. Click on it and you will receive your first earnings immediately. Then claim it. 

Follow this process to keep earning kins. You will see a coin logo at the top right-hand corner. That's where your kins coins you will earn reside. See screenshot below.

Then click on "Earn Kin"

Click on "Tap to collect 25 kin". See screenshot below.

Then wait and follow the instructions from the Captcha. You will see your earned kins. see screenshot below.

Step 5: Login to the peer bet app every 30 minutes and earn 25 kin SPL each time.

Just keep earning your kin coin there... 

Kin SPL current price is 0.00004272 as at the time of publishing this content. 

So start accumulating before the price get to one dollar (1 kin = 1$). By then, you will be richer by Thousands of Dollars (Millions of Naira).

Kin is on Kucoin and lots of exchanges.... Binance might list it anytime....

Start accumulating now for free.

Note:  that if you want to claim kins Sometimes, the app will ask you some question, and ask you to answer with 10 kins. See screenshot below.

 Make sure you do always have nothing less than 20 kins or more left in the app after withdrawing to your trust wallet. Don't be surprised when the price of kins skyrocket to $1 anytime soon. So Don't miss out by taking this opportunity.

Where And How Can I Withdraw My Kin To Trust Wallet

To withdraw your kins to your trust wallet, kindly follow the instructional steps from below: 

Click on "My Wallet". See screenshot below.

Then click on "Send Kin"

Enter the amount of kin you want to withdraw as indicated from the first arrow.

Then paste your kin SPL wallet address you copied from your trust wallet. See instructional steps for that above. See screenshot below.

Then you will see a message that kins sent successfully as shown from the screenshot below.

Then check out your trust wallet. You will see that you have received the kins withdrawn to your wallet. See screenshot below.

Note: The minimum kin you can withdraw to your Trust Wallet now is 1,000 kins. Since you can earn 25 kins every 30 minute, 50 kins can be earned in 1 hour. 1,200 kins can be earned in 24 hours. Then 12000 kins and 36,000 kins in 10 days and One month respectively. So keep accumulating free kins now before it gets reduced.

Why Kin?

The Kin blockchain is built to scale for mass usage and supports an Ecosystem-wide digital economy where app developers and mainstream consumers make millions of micro-transactions.

App developers anywhere can seamlessly integrate the Kin SDK into their platform and become active partners in the Ecosystem’s growth. When developers join the Kin Ecosystem, they benefit from the Kin Rewards Engine (KRE). The KRE incentivizes app developers to create engaging user experiences and pays them when users spend Kin within their apps.

Kin gives app developers, content creators, and users a new way to earn real value from their contributions to the shared digital space. With Kin, people earn and spend by being active in the Ecosystem. Everyone in the Ecosystem contributes to building a fairer digital world where people work together to succeed together.
For more background, please read Kin’s original white paper, published in May 2017.

Who’s Who in the Ecosystem

The Kin Ecosystem isn’t just a new, digital economy. It’s a digital community. App developers and their users tie the Kin Ecosystem together by earning and spending the Kin cryptocurrency in exchange for digital experiences, products, and services.

Related to the word “kinship” and conveying a feeling of being connected to a community, the Kin cryptocurrency is designed specifically to bring people together in a new shared economy and will serve as the foundation for a decentralized ecosystem of digital services. For more information visit the Kin Foundation website.

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