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Hi Dollar Review: Earn Free Hi Daily

Hi Dollar is cryptocurrency with great team and great success in short team and they plans are much bigger than we currently see.

One of team members is former CTO of Crypto dot com, very successful project. As you can get it for free it is absolutely worth few seconds per day to get free Hi per day and even as investment (to buy it) is good idea.

Otherwise experience with their app is very good as it is clean design and all works really fast. To get free Hi daily you just have to click on gift icon and answer simple question (to confirm you are not bot).

How To Earn Hi Dollar 

Get $1 Daily by claiming Hi everyday after registering from the link below.

Sign-Up Link: https://hi.com/3657aedk

Code: 3657aedk

Note that you can sign up on their website by following the link above. Use Gmail to sign up.

If you encounter any problem, you can search for Hi App from Google or Apple Play Store. Then, use the invite code above during registration.

To claim your Hi, you will see one gift box at the top right-hand side of app. 

Click on it, and answer the stupidly simple question in one second. 

That's All.  keep earning $1 daily

You will see your Hi earnings accumulating everyday.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Hi

what is Hi? 

hi is the world’s most user-friendly and functional crypto & fiat app. The app combines the functionality of a licensed crypto exchange with a next-generation digital bank, providing members with an all-in-one platform for savings, investments, payments, and lifestyle benefits.

hi's goal is to introduce the first 1 billion people to crypto with the most frictionless user experience, as well as, convenient on-and-off-ramps for fiat currencies.

What Will I Be Able To Do With Hi? 

Access hi by downloading the official iOS or Android apps, via the Web App, or via the Official Telegram or WhatsApp bots.

Currently available products and services: Crypto Wallet - buy and store crypto and fiat Convert - fiat currencies into stablecoins, crypto to crypto Earn Yield - Flexible and fixed-term options, APY up to 40% Send Remittances - instantly, zero fees, including via chat GameFi Earn Rewards Lifestyle Benefits - including premium travel benefits, MasterClass subscriptions and concierge services

Coming soon: Crypto Spot Trading IBAN Account - for fiat deposits and withdrawals of cash Visa Debit Card - accepted by 60,000 million locations worldwide Crypto Derivatives Trading Forex & Stocks Trading Merchant Payments DApps Browser … and much more.

What Personal Details Do I Need To Provide To Sign-Up?

Initially, you do not need anything other than your phone number to create a hi account and to communicate through a hi channel. In order to deposit and withdraw money, however, you will need to pass a basic know-your-customer (KYC) identity verification check on WebApp.

Can I access one account through multiple channels?

Yes. hi recognizes your phone number from different channels. Identity verification (KYC) will ensure that there is only one account for each member.

Who should I reach out to if I have questions about identity verification?

If you have enquiries regarding identity verification, please write to kyc@hi.com

Can I change the number I used to create my account?

Sure - you can do this by heading to Settings via the Mobile Apps.

Is it OK to set up more than one account for a single person on hi?

Only one account will be recognized per user. If you are found to have used different people's identity documents in order to set up multiple accounts, hi will close all your accounts and you will lose all rewards earned to date.

Can I create multiple accounts with the same email address?

In order to safeguard members of our community, we do not allow joint accounts. Individuals are not perimitted to manage, directly nor indirectly, more than one account with us. If you believe there has been an error, please email kyc@hi.com.

I got rejected in the KYC process, why?

This may be because you have uploaded an ineligible or expired identity document.

Your identity verification could also be rejected if you did not follow the instructions correctly, failed screening or breached our Terms of Service.

For further questions, contact kyc@hi.com for further assistance.

How old do I need to be to become a member?

Members must be 18 or older per our Terms of Service. This is not dependent on any jurisdiction.

How long do I need to wait before completing another KYC submission?

It usually takes us up to one day to complete a review. Please do not complete KYC submission more than once within 24 hours.

Is HI an ERC20 token ?

HI is the native token for the hi ecosystem. Throughout each of the three phases of progressive decentralization, our goal is to maximize the token’s long-term value for its holders. The token is currently issued on both the Ethereum and BSC blockchains as ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens, and will migrate to hi Protocol upon network launch.

Can hi Dollars be exchanged for crypto/fiat on the hi platform?

Shortly, we will begin to offer exchange services for hi Dollars. Please stayed tuned. Further information on our developemnt roadmap is found in our Whitepaper.

What is the total amount of tokens?

hi Dollars will be minted on a weekly basis. Unlike many projects, the amount if hi is directly tied to the size of the hi membership base.

Is the HI listed on exchanges?

HI is listed on both decentralized and centralized exchanges, with more coming soon.

Will the HI be ERC20 or also BEP20 compatible?

The token is currently issued on both the Ethereum and BSC blockchains as ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens, and will migrate to hi Protocol upon network launch.

You can read more on Frequently Asked Questions On Hi App 

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