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Shiftal Review: How To Earn Free SFL Token

 Note You can also register on Shiftal Cryptocurrency exchange with the same airdrop link on this page to start trading Cryotocurrency coins. 

Shiftal is a leading European-regulated cryptocurrency exchange platform providing easy access to the crypto world. It allows users to utilize all the benefits of a secure wallet. After successful registration, users can easily buy/sell BTC and ETH online with 70+ payment methods and relish the transactions. 

Shiftal has been interested in cryptocurrency since its inception 10 years ago. We have seen it through many stages, from the ups and downs of Bitcoin to the rise of Altcoins. Its journey began seven years ago when it had the idea to create a top-p2p crypto exchange. Shiftal has found the cryptocurrency growth journey to be very exciting. According to Shiftal as indicated in the quote below.

"Our aim is simple, we believe in decentralizing/decentralization of financial institutions, privacy and financial freedom for each and everyone. We want to make our product accessible to everyone around the globe, giving them financial security and peace of mind. We have these thoughts in our heads and we plan to make cryptocurrency accessible to all corners of the globe through easy trade. Our goal is to allow traders to instantly buy and sell BTC or ETH."

Shiftal just launched its token which is SFL and it (50 SFL) is currently being given out for free to New Users who just register on Shiftal. 

How To Earn Free SFL Token

-Shiftal (SFL) Airdrop

-Reward: 50 (SFL)

To claim Shiftal Token (SFL), kindly register and follow the instructional steps:

1. Sing-up & Verify Email

Shiftal Airdrop Link: https://www.shiftal.com/referral/GLO1219551G

2.  Click the Shiftal SFL button

3. Complete task by clicking each Link as shown from the screenshot below. Then click on the Claim button. See screenshot below.

After Then, you will see your SFL token in the balance. See the screenshot below.


What Is Shiftal?

Shiftal is a P2P cryptocurrency trading exchange, with a vow to make trading fun.

How Am I Protected From Being Scammed?

You are protected by the highest level of escrow security from us. That’s our promise to you.

How Do I Buy Or Sell Bitcoin?

You can register, login and start trading with the best pair and trade. We believe in keeping things simple.

You can read more on Frequently Asked Questions on Shiftal Website...

Don't miss this opportunity of getting SFL token. As you can see from the screenshot above, the SFL token has been launched. 

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