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Galaxy Football Token: How To Buy Galaxy Token or Migrate From MUFC To GALAXY

Galaxy Football Token Review

Note: Don't buy this token anymore. This project later turned a scam.  If you want to read on how the project started you can continue below: 

Tables of Contents 

A.  What Is GALAXY or Galaxy Football

B.  Galaxy Token Information 

C.  GALAXY IDO Token Sales

D.  How To Buy Galaxy Token 

E. How To Migrate From MUFC To GALAXY Token 

F.  Vision &  Mission 

G. RoadMap

H. Use Case 

I.  Conclusion

A.  What Is GALAXY or Galaxy Football Token 

$GALAXY, the native token of Galaxy Football, based on the BSC network. At present, when the Ethereum network is gradually showing its obsolescence in handling transactions as well as ensuring security for users; therefore, the BSC network is the best choice for building a potential token like $GALAXY. 

With our vision for a long-term strategy in the future, $GALAXY will operate as a community of football lovers, and after we have a big and strong enough community, we will put it into daily services so that our token will become one of the most powerful tokens of the crypto market so that we can attract more and more investors into this potential project. 

Inspired by the everlasting love for football and the relevance as well as the interest in the cryptocurrency market, we created the GALAXY FOOTBALL - an endeavor project that will make a spectacular change once it’s launched. 

Renovated from its predecessor, GALAXY FOOTBALL surely will make it out alive one more time to live up to the expectation of the wise, loyal investors who have chosen us and helped us make it this far. 

Furthermore, following the trend of contributing to a metaverse space, we also want our token $GALAXY can be one of the key factors that lift up the definition of METAVERSE in the football field. 

GalaxyFootball is created for those who are enthusiastic about this sport and want to support their favorite team by a “play-to-earn” form. 

Therefore, investing in $GALAXY is a way to keep yourself updated with the latest news in the universe of soccer.

B.  GALAXY Token Information 


Symbol: GALAXY

Token standard: BEP-20

Max supply: 1,000,000,000,000 GALAXY

Contract address: 0xD854F98E6A78B51eE7D335c7d035343938beB394

C.  GALAXY IDO Token  Sales  

If you are a “real” fan of GALAXY and want to express the love as well as build a strong community fan for Football Galaxy, you will not be able to miss the IDO in order to possess the GALAXY token with an affordable price more than ever. In details, GALAXY has 3 round for token sale:

IDO token will be distributed block by block from Apr 24th, 2022 (10% each month)

(From Jan 21, 2022 to Feb 21, 2022)
  Amount: 33,000,000,000 GALAXY
  Unit Price: $0.00001

(From Feb 22, 2022 to Mar 22, 2022)
  Amount: 33,000,000,000 MUFC
  Unit Price: $0.00002

 (From Mar 23, 2022 to Apr 23, 2022)
 Amount: 33,000,000,000 MUFC
 Unit Price: $0.00004

D.  How To Buy Galaxy Token

If you really want to be rich and become the next millionaire, try following the instructions on how to buy GALAXY  tokens from their official website exchange using Metamask or Trust Wallet.

Note: Don't Go And Buy GALAXY  Tokens using Decentralized Finance (De-fi) Exchange like Pancake Swap for now, because the current price of GALAXY on pancake might be higher if launched. So buy the IDO pre-sale of the GALAXY. The token is projected to reach more than $1 and above any moment from when it is listed.

So buy it from GALAXY  official website exchange at $0.00001 by following the instructions below. Note that the price from the official website will change based on the dates of IDO Token Sales (Check Above).

1. How To Buy GALAXY On Metamask 

From your metamask, click on "Add tokens" or "Import tokens".

Then copy and paste the GALAXY  contract address on the space. Other space will automatically fill itself after copying and pasting the contract address.

Token Contract Address: 0xD854F98E6A78B51eE7D335c7d035343938beB394

Token Symbol: GALAXY

Token of Precision: 18

After that, GALAXY wallet will be added to your Metamask.

Then ensure you are on your Binance Smart Chain on your Meta Mask and go to the menu. See screenshot below: 

Also ensure that you have funded your Binance Smart Chain Wallet with Bnb. Then follow the instructional steps below to buy GALAXY tokens.

Click on the Browser. See screenshot below: 

Then copy and paste GALAXY Website URL below on the search Bar: 

Website URL: https://galaxyfootball.io/tokensale

On the official website page, you will see "Connect". Click on it to connect your Metamask wallet 

Then choose "Metamask"

After your Metamask wallet has been connected. Enter the amount of Bnb you want to use to buy the GALAXY token,  and click on "BUY GALAXY". 

It will redirect to your trust wallet. The Bnb gas fee will appear and click on Confirm. Then you will see the GALAXY Token you bought in your metamask wallet.

The screenshot above is the Millions GALAXY  tokens bought. With just $10, One million of Galaxy tokens can be  bought.

2. How To Buy GALAXY On Trustwallet

From your Trust Wallet, add Custom Tokens by following the screenshot below. 

Scroll down and Click on "Add Custom Token". See screenshot below.

Ensure you select the "Smart Chain" as shown from arrow in the screenshot below: Copy and paste the Contract Address in the space as shown from the screenshot below. Other space in the empty box will automatically fill itself after pasting the contract address.

Contract Address: 0xD854F98E6A78B51eE7D335c7d035343938beB394


Symbol: GALAXY  

Decimals: 18

Then the GALAXY token will be added.

Then make sure you have funded your Binance Smart chain wallet.

Then go to "DApps" on your Trust Wallet. See screenshot below: 

On the address bar, Then copy and paste GALAXY Website URL below on the search Bar:

Website URL:

Ensure you are on "Binance Smart Chain" and click on "Connect", See the two arrows as shown from the screenshot below:

Since you are using Trust Wallet, choose "Trust Wallet" as shown from the screenshot below 

Then click on "Connect", see the screenshot below  

After your Trust wallet has been connected. Enter the amount of Bnb you want to use to buy the GALAXY token,  and click on "BUY GALAXY"

Follow the next instructions on your trust wallet to pay little fee and confirm. You will see your GALAXY Token you buy in your Trust Wallet.

E. How To Migrate From MUFC to GALAXY Token  

In case you don't know, Manchester United Fan Token (MUFC) was the first name given to the token by the Founder and Team.

It was later migrated to Galaxy Football (GALAXY) as seen from the screenshot below:

For the sake of earlier investors who had already bought MUFC before migration, kindly follow the instructional steps outlined below to migrate and convert your MUFC to GALAXY.

STEP 1: Add the contract address of Galaxy Football  (GALAXY) below to your Trust Wallet or Metamask.

Contract Address: 0xD854F98E6A78B51eE7D335c7d035343938beB394

You can do so by adding the custom token to your Trust Wallet or Metamask. If you don't know how to add custom token, kindly follow the instructional steps outlined above to add custom token to Metamask or Trust Wallet.

STEP 2: Then go to "DApps" on your Trust Wallet or "Browser" from your Metamask. Copy and paste the Galaxy URL on the search bar.

Website URL: 

You can scroll up of the post and screenshots above if you don't know how to locate the DAPP or Browser from Your Trust Wallet or Metamask

STEP 3: On Galaxy website page, Connect your wallet and click on Migrate at the bottom of the page. See the arrow as in the screenshot below: 

STEP 4: You will see the available MUFC token in your wallet. Enter all the amount in the first space as shown from the first arrow below. 

You will see the converted amount of GALAXY token as indicated from the second arrow. Then click on "Approve". It will redirect to your trust wallet to pay little fee like $0.009. 

STEP 5: It will now show the convert button. Click on "CONVERT". It will redirect to your trust wallet to pay little fee

Then you will see message of successful convertion as shown from the screenshot below.

Now check your wallet, you will see that MUFC token in your wallet has turned to  zero and see the GALAXY in your wallet.

Other benefits for the earlier investors after conversion is the extra 5% GALAXY token which will be added to your Galaxy Wallet. 

F. Vision & Mission 

GALAXY FOOTBALL does not decrease its goals. Instead, it increases its effort.

Our Vision

With a growing community of nearly 400.000 dedicated investors, we aim to establish our reputation as a resilient project gaining achievements internationally. Our highly-skilled, capable developers head for the purpose of becoming the king in the NFT kingdom, redefining the industry on the foot of the pioneer in the NFT world. Running unparalleled viral marketing strategy, we strive for the aspiration of building a breathtaking scene for our beloved advocates, contributing to the prosperity of the cryptomarket, and making significant advancements to the economic situation of the world. In addition, we set our sight on a community-based token that is daily built up by the whole fans of the token; therefore, all of the features we make will be owned and can be adapted by the members of GALAXY FOOTBALL.

Last but not least, this project is going to set a higher standard for the projects in the NFT world, because our masterful, innovational experts are planning some predominant plots to create a METAVERSE in the football field.

Our Mission

For a long time, football has been known merely just for fun. But launching this remarkable $GALAXY, we have a big ambition of dethroning the concept. Football lovers now can get the passive reflection reward even when they are having a good time with their favorite football match. Beneficial and enjoyable at the same time for those who are partial to football and convinced of the astonishing change that this project will bring to delight the NFT world.

$GALAXY is here to spread the vibes of endless amusement and prosperity. GALAXY_FOOTBALL team kindly invites you to join this revolutionary mission of scaling this project to the moon and across the universe. Our loyal investors are designated to play an important part in a sacred expedition of constituting a Metaverse under the football kingdom.

G. Roadmap  

The way GALAXY is planned to reach for the stars...


- Launch Galaxy Football’s website.

- Token Sale program.

- Launch Staking/ Farming features.


- Build NFT Marketplace.

- List on CMC, CGK.

- Complete audit cert.


- List $GALAXY on some top CEXs.

- Cooperate with huge ventures.

- Start researching Metaverse.


- Run Metaverse phase 1.

- Launch minigames.

- List on more top CEXs.

- Implement the plan to put $GALAXY into daily services.

H.  Use Case 

INTERACTION: $GALAXY holders have the right to participate in voting sessions related to token allocation modifications or typical members, which contributes significantly to the community.

LOYALTY REGISTRATION: $GALAXY holders will be able to use $GALAXY to register for fan rewards and incentives, "loyal fan" privileges in the community and so more.
Purchase NFTs to honor memorable moments of the team on Galaxy Football Marketplace.

In the future, $GALAXY will be put into daily services as the strategy we plan about. That also means the $GALAXY will not just stop at listing on more exchanges to form a community at all, we will try our best to bring $GALAXY to real life and make our token become one of the most powerful tokens of the crypto market.

I.  Conclusion 

Fan Token is a ground-breaking concept that opens up a slew of new possibilities for both crypto and sports. Its emergence is intended to raise the fanbase and build a solid fan community, as well as their token holders and supporters relevant to the market growth and popularity of cryptocurrency.

If you are one of GALAXY “real fans”, why don’t you gain some GALAXY  tokens now? 

Hurry up! The campaign has officially started from now on! Never Miss Out...

Please note that although the GALAXY  Token has all the tappings of a good project worthy of investing, and also do your own research (DYOR).

Follow the instructions above to buy GALAXY football token on your Trust Wallet or MetaMask 

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