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Renec Private Mining Room Review

 We published in our last post how RENEC mining came with another new opportunity of mining which was RENEC group mining. Renec Private Room in addition therefore Launches with Special Features.

On June 23, 2022, a small function in RENEC Group mining was launched, which we call private mining room or private mining room.

You can use this function by ticking a small tickbox right in the room creation popup as follows: See also the screenshot below:

Special Features of The private mining rooms:

- They do not allow users to join automatically through the "quick join" button.

-  The Private mining rooms Are not shown up in the room join list and in room search results by ID

- The Private mining Rooms Only allow members to join through the link of the room creator.

Understanding  miners' roles: 

You must understand  the miners' roles before using this feature in private mining room as follows:

1. Room creator:  must complete KYC Level 2 to create a room.

2. Oldie: has successfully mined by room at least 1 time and has completed KYC Level 2.

3: Newbie: The newbie can be any of the following below:

- Current Remitano users:  who have not joined group mining.

- New sign-up miners

For you to be able able to enjoy renec Mining and all these features, you must register or sign-up on Remitano Exchange.

You can also read from this link on how to mine RENEC.

We hope you will enjoy this mini feature.

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