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Instagram Leads Extractor: Extract Emails or Phone Numbers from Instagram in just a few clicks!

 You are going to read our review on Instagram Leads extractor from this page. This is a great marketing tool or software that should be bought and used by all businesses...


Extract Email & Phone Number from Instagram

(Watch video below to see how it work)

Instagram Leads Extractor software is a powerful leads tool to boost your company or product by extracting targeted emails and phone numbers from Instagram for the sole purpose of generating leads.

 The tool help you on extracting Instagram users information from hashtags, follower and following. So you can use hashtags as a targeting method to get users by niche. You can extract targeted leads, save them in lists and convert them into customers by sending them a personal email, whatsapp message, sms message or make a phone call.

 After this Instagram parser finishes the work, you can view the data on software or download it as an TXT or a CSV file.


Extract Email & Phone Number from Instagram

Instagram Leads Extractor (with multi-keywords) is a smart and advanced tool that can extract accounts based on the keyword(s), the tool extract this information: Username, Email Address, Phone Number, WhatsApp Link, Username, Total Followers, Full Bio, Profile Link, Profile Image.

Instagram Leads Extractor exports the results in Excel or HTML as you want, it allows you also to set how many google search results pages to scrape, the preferred browser, also sometimes Instagram required to be logged in to view accounts information, so you can create a test account and enter its credentials inside the tool to bypass this problem.

The Highly Experience and Expert team made this software for your business development. After this purchase software you will achieve your business Goal.


Get leads from Followers of users or influencers

 - Get leads from Following of users or influencers

 - Get leads from Hastag

 - Extract data from list instagram usernames

 - Extract data from instagram post (coming soon)

 - One click to download leads (Name, Phone Number, Email etc.)

 - Export information (result) to txt or csv files 

 - Easy to use and newbie friendly

See the screenshots below of the Instagram Leads Extractor 

Another screenshot below. You can watch hoe it really looks from the YouTube video Link above.

With this software, you can save a lot of your time to find targeted leads. Now prospecting for sales and marketing becomes very easy and productive. Get it and start increase your sales today!

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After then, you will see the option to either pay with PayPal Account or Credit Card. If you want to pay with PayPal account, choose the first option. If you want to pay with credit card, choose the second option and follow instructions to pay. See screenshot below.

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(Watch video below to see how it work)

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