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How To Register, Buy and Sell Bitcoin or Perfect Money on Instantcoins

Disclaimer:  Note that the review we made here on instantcoins was based on our last transaction on the website. Try and do research and find out if there's customer care on any social media before doing any transaction on the website.

It is no news that cryptocurrency is the future of digital currency with a high number of unbanked individuals. cryptocurrency makes it easier to carry out transactions online without restrictions. One problem people face in Nigeria is converting their bitcoins or perfect money to cash, and buying/selling bitcoin or perfect money, with many self-acclaimed vendors online who claim to buy and sell these bitcoins but end up robbing the individuals of his or her hard-earned bitcoin or perfect money.

The days of losing your bitcoins or perfect money to scammers are over. In this article, you are going to know about how to buy or sell bitcoin and perfect money from instantcoins.

Step One: 

How To Register on Instantcoins

You need to register on instantcoins if you have not opened an account before. Click the link below to register on instantcoins. 

      Visit Instantcoins Website

After that you will be required to fill your personal details like first name, Last name, phone number, email and password as show from the screenshot below:

After filling in the details, click on register. Then, follow the next instructions if required by the website.

After successful registration, then move to the next step.

Step Two: 

Instantcoins KYC Requirement

Instantcoins requires you to verify your identity before buying or selling coins on the site. This is because of the compliance requirements of financial platforms by regulators. 

You will click the KYC Application as seen from the screenshot below:

After that, it will lead you to the page where you have to verify your identity on Instantcoins by providing the following information:

Bank verification number (BVN)
Your phone number
Proof of identity: A valid passport, driver’s license, or any other Nigerian government-issued photo ID card (Voter’s, National, and Residence card).

After you have provided the information above, you can start trading (buying and selling bitcoin) on instantcoins with daily limit of N50,000 and monthly limit of N200,000 respectively. 

If you want to trade more than the daily limits, you need to provide the following information.

Proof of address: Utility bill.
Selfie: Finally, you will have to take a clear photo with your face while holding up the proof of identity and a piece of paper that says “Buying coins on instantcoins” alongside the date and your signature

Step Three:

Your own unique instantcoins bank account

Note that before you can buy perfect money or bitcoins on instantcoins, you will be given your own unique instantcoins bank account. This account will be given to you after you are through with the KYC requirements

You can access the bank account by going to the "banking" tab from the menu. See the screenshot below:

Then, you will see your unique bank account as shown from the screenshot below:

You will need to transfer funds to the account from any Nigerian bank account, you will choose "Providus" as the bank name. The amount you send will be credited instantly and you will see your account balance at the top as shown in the screenshot above

It is the money in this account that you will use to buy either perfect money, bitcoin, ethereum or any cryptocurrency on Instantcoins.

Step Four:

How To Buy Perfect Money or Bitcoin on Instantcoins

If you already have perfect money account, you can move to the next instructions. But if you don't have, click the link below to open perfect money account.

Firstly, in order to buy perfect money, follow the following steps below.

Navigate to the “Buy coins” tab on the exchange. See screenshot below.

Select the perfect money. Enter the amount you intend to buy in USD (in dollars) and enter (paste) your perfect money account. 

Then click on the “Buy Coins” button to complete your purchase. See screenshot below: 

From the screenshot above, the perfect money account is the one underlined

Secondly, in order to buy bitcoin or other crptocurrencies, follow the instructions below.

Navigate to the “Buy coins” tab on the exchange. See screenshot below.

Select Bitcoin. Enter the amount of bitcoin you intend to buy in USD (in dollars) and enter (paste) your bitcoin address

Then click on the “Buy Coins” button to complete your transaction. See screenshot below: 

From the screenshot above, the bitcoin wallet is the one underlined

Step Five:

How To Sell Perfect Money or Bitcoin on Instantcoins

Firstly, in order to sell perfect money, follow the following steps below.

Navigate to the “Sell Coins” tab on the exchange. See screenshot below.

Select perfect money. Enter the amount you intend to sell in USD (in dollars) and enter (paste) your perfect money account

Then click on the “Sell Coins” button to complete the transaction. See screenshot below: 

After clicking on the sell button, it will redirect to your perfect money account, whereby you will have to login to your perfect money account page to allow the transaction to take place. See screenshot below.

After that, your bank account will be credited immediately and you can withdraw your money in any Nigerian bank account.

Secondly, in order to sell Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency, follow the  instructions below.

Navigate to the “Sell Coins” tab on the exchange. See screenshot below:

Select Bitcoin. Enter the amount of bitcoin you intend to sell in USD (in dollars) and enter (paste) your Bitcoin wallet address

Then click on the “Sell Coins” button to complete the transaction. See screenshot below: 

After clicking on the sell button, it will redirect to a page, whereby you will have to copy the bitcoin wallet address there by clicking on the copy icon. Then send the amount of dollar in bitcoin you intend to sell to the bitcoin wallet. See screenshot below.

Note that you have to wait a little bit when you make transactions through cryptocurrency. Because it will have to go through blockchain confirmation before the transaction will be successful. 

Finally, the process of registering on instantcoin will not take you less than 5 minutes. Then you can continue to enjoy buying and selling Perfect Money or Bitcoin for life. 

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