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Computta Review: Mine and Earn Bitcoin For Free With Your Computer Device On Autopilot

Computta is a first of a kind service created by cryptocurrency professionals to enable anyone and everyone’s computer to make digital money for their owners completely on autopilot.

It is the first service which provides simple two-click cryptocurrency mining application available for anyone to use on any Windows OS computer. This means that ANYONE with a computer can register, download this super-simple smart mining app and start generating cryptocurrency on their computers – all within 3 minutes.

You do not need any tech skills at all, besides being able to power on your computer and click your mouse.

Computta Smart Miner and it's server-side software algorithms will do everything in the background for you. Your earnings will be converted and stored in Bitcoin – the most popular and most reliable cryptocurrency. Current exchange rates will also be used to show you all your earnings in USD for convenience.

100% AUTOMATIC. 100% FREE.

Now this is how it works in short simple steps:

1. Click the link below to register an account with computta. You can register with your smartphone device.

           Visit Computta Website 

On the website page, click on sign up on the menu, or Download Now button on the page as shown below:

It will open the registration box. Then, fill your personal details like Email Address, Password and Confirm Password. See screenshot below:

2. You get redirected to Member and Affiliate Area where you download Computta Smart Miner app.

3. Now login with your window computer with your email and password you used during registration. Then, click on Download Smart Miner. See screenshot below:

You install the application on your computer and all computers that you own or control.

4. When you have downloaded and installed the Computta Smart Miner, it will tell you to start the ‘benchmark’ process. When started it can take up to 4-5 minutes and you will see progress and potential earnings separately from your CPU and GPU right there onscreen. See screenshots below.

The screenshots above shows the beginning of the benchmark process. 

The screenshot above shows the potential earnings from the computer device. This may vary based on computer CPU and GPU

After finishing the benchmark process, click on "start earning". See screenshot below.

5. That’s all, Computta Smart Miner just sits there working silently in the background generating your money for as long as you have your computer power on.

You don’t need to have any special skills. You don’t need to spend any money or time. You don’t need to do anything at all! Computta Smart Miner app will do all its work in the background when your computer is on.

You can check your stats right in the application for the device you run it on. You can increase or decrease application’s power depending on how much you use your computer at the moment. You can pause the application or even switch into a Smart Mode.

You can withdraw your earnings at any time from your Member Account when it hits the required withdrawal minimum. Currently earnings are sent in Bitcoin to your Bitcoin wallet. But, it also work on solutions to withdraw earnings directly in USD and at least one other alternative method to satisfy all possible needs.

Below Are What You Should Know About Computta Smart App:

Your device’s computing power – this is how much your own computer(s) will earn you when you install Computta Smart Miner. If you have rather modern computer(s) with one of the latest Video Cards, you can easily earn in the $30-$100 per month per device.

 Your Computer Devices

Devices’ means all your computers that your mining application runs on.

You can install and run Computta Smart Miner application on as many computer devices as you have access to. When installing on a new device just enter the same email and password you used during registration, and this software will add new device to your account.

We actually suggest you do install on each computer that you own so you can increase your passive income from all your computers. Each computer will be tracked under your account and you will see all your earnings in real time under the “My Devices” column in the Smart Miner application’s main screen.

let's say you install it on five computer devices, and each earn average income of $40 per month, it could be more than that depending on your CPU and GPU.  Then you can earn $200 monthly ($40 x 5) alone from your devices.

Gaming laptop or computer can earn $75-$100 monthly per device.

Internet Connections

The Computta Smart Miner software needs a permanent internet connection to connect to the main Computta server where it will send your device’s computing result logs and update your earnings in return.

Your internet connection doesn’t have to be very fast. A basic broadband or wifi connection will cover all needs.

If your connection interrupts it will not break or interrupt your device’s computing processes. So as soon as the connection is restored again, this Smart Miner will send your computing results to the server and it will update your earnings records. No earnings will be lost due to briefly interrupted internet connection.

If the Computta Smart Miner shows a note in red “Connecting…” it means that the internet connection was somehow briefly interrupted and it is reconnecting now. This Smart Miner will reconnect automatically every time, you do not have to do anything at all.

My Suggestion: If you can also install it on rdp/vps, you earn a lot since it will keep running 24/7

What Is Benchmark

Benchmark is the process run by Computta Smart Miner software upon initial installation to estimate your device’s computing power and calculate your potential earnings from this device. All it does is check your computer’s CPU type and power and Video Card’s (GPU) type and power and then calculates real time estimation of the earnings from this hardware’s computing power.

When you first download and click to install the Computta Smart Miner, it will tell you to start the ‘benchmark’ process. When started it can take up to 4-5 minutes and you will see progress and potential earnings separately from your CPU and GPU right there onscreen. See screenshots above.

After it completes and shows you the total potential earnings from your device, you need to press “Start Mining” button and it will switch into the mining mode and will show you the main screen where you will see the mining process and your earned money in real time. See screenshots above.

Benchmark is a great tool that helps you understand your computing power and estimate it in terms of direct earnings from the device.

Benchmark can predict your possible monthly and annual earnings.

Current Balance 

You can view your earnings balance right in the Computta Smart Miner software.

The “Current Balance” shows the current total balance of your account. That is, money earned on the CURRENT device you are running the Smart Miner on at the moment, and OTHER devices.

You can also view your total earnings in your Account Area on the Computta website when you’re logged in.

How To Make Withdrawal 

Login into your Computta Members Account.

Click on Profile => Payments Settings.

Enter your bitcoin address from Step 3 above and click Save. Make sure you enter it correctly!

(But don’t worry, even if you make a mistake it will not validate properly and the money can NOT be sent out to an incorrect address)

Below Are The Steps To Withdraw  Your Earnings:

BEFORE you can withdraw, you must move your funds from your Current Balance to your Computta Wallet

For this, just login into your Members Area, go to Payments tab and click on the green buttonSend to Wallet”. It will send your funds to the Wallet and you will immediately see them in the Wallet tab below the Current Balance tab there. Now you can proceed to request a payout.

Unfortunately, Computta Smart Miner app is not compatible with 32-bit Windows OS systems and only works on 64-bit Windows systems.

If you have any question, you can always chat us on Whatsapp and if you find this article useful useful, kindly leave a comment in the comment box below.

Keep earning free bitcoin with your computer device.❤😋

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