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Facebook FanPage Finder Review: Extract Thousands of Contacts From Facebook Fanpages and Groups

Facebook FanPage Finder Review: Extract Thousands of Contacts From Facebook Fanpages and Groups

Expand Your Business and Increase Sales By Getting More Potential Customers from Facebook 

Specifically for Biz-Owners or Internet Marketers, now you can get targeted prospects from Facebook pages easily and quickly. You can also get thousands of EMAIL and PHONE NUMBER and this makes it easier for you to contact potential agents or customers!

Save on Advertising Costs and Maximize Zero Cost Marketing Now!

Facebook FANPAGE FINDER is a powerful leads software to get thousands of potential prospects from the Facebook page easily in just a few minutes through a specified keyword search.

Usually the business information displayed on the Fanpage is accurate, important information and is often from the biz-owner or owners of the Fanpage. This is the good way to fast build a prospect list for sole purpose of your sales.

Among the information obtained from FANPAGE FINDER are;

Page ID, Page Name, Total Likes, Email, Phone Number, Website, Company Address, Country & Category Business.

You can use keyword as a targeting method to get users by niche. You can extract targeted leads, save them in lists and convert them into customers by sending them a personal email, whatsapp message, sms message or make a phone call. After this Facebook parser finishes the work, you can view the data on software or download it as a CSV file.

Nowadays, you will be left behind by competitors if you still use the tiring old methods.

If you are a product owner and want to get many stockists or agents, you can use FANPAGE FINDER software to find a quality agent. The majority of good agents have their own Fanpage and often create paid ads on social media.

If you are an Internet Marketer, you can help prospects by offering marketing services, advertising, create website, video reviews, copywriting services or any other service to solve your customers' problems. Many business owners are looking for Internet Marketers to increase their sales.

If you are an entrepreneur targeting the sale of products/services to a business (B2B) company, you can contact the prospect to offer something that suits with their company like accounting, cleaning, loan, security, renovation, delivery, troubleshooting, secretarial services etc.

This secret software is extremely easy and simple to use. With this software, you can collect leads from Facebook up to 100,000 leads in just one day!

You can save a lot of your time to find targeted leads. Now prospecting for sales and marketing becomes very easy and productive. Get it and start increase your sales today!

Who Needs FANPAGE FINDER Software?

🚀 Insurance & Finance

Insurance or financial agents who are looking for entrepreneurs to get insurance services or business financial assistance.

🚀 Agent & Stockist

Real estate agents, water filters, stockists and others who want to sell products or services to companies or entrepreneurs.

🚀 Event Management

Event or training consultants who wish to assist a company in training employees or managing company events.

🚀 Accountant & Secretary

Accountants or company secretaries who want to help entrepreneurs manage business.

🚀 Agency Marketing

Marketing or advertising agencies that want to help advertise an entrepreneur's product.

🚀 Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate agents or digital product owners who want to sell digital products to entrepreneurs.

🚀 Technician & Troubleshooter

Those who provide moving services, internet installation, plumbers and electricians, delivery services etc.

🚀 Travel & Tourism

Travel agencies that want to offer travel packages to business companies.

🚀 Internet Marketer

Internet marketers who want to offer graphic design services, website services, article writing, video reviews, etc.

🚀 Business Owner

Business owners, managers or MLM leaders who want to recruit agents or add more partners to expand their business network.

... and anyone looking for the right potential customer from Facebook.

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On the payment page, after entering your NamesEmail addressCountry and phone number, click the arrow to see the option for methods of payments. See screenshot below.

After then, you will see the option to either pay with PayPal Account or Credit Card. If you want to pay with PayPal account, choose the first option. If you want to pay with credit card, choose the second option and follow instructions to pay. See screenshot below.

Note: that the Facebook Fanpage Finder will be sent to your Email Immediately After Payment

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