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Facebook Autopost (Kitfb Software) Review: Auto Add Friends, Auto Inbox Friends, Auto Join Groups, Autopost Groups

Facebook Autopost (Kitfb Software) Review: Auto Add Friends, Auto Inbox Friends, Auto Join Groups, Autopost Groups

Save Ad Cost and Maximize Zero Cost Marketing on Facebook

Now You Can Post Ads On Multi FaceBook Groups, Auto Join Group, Auto Add Friend & Send Inbox Message To Your Friends Easily. Automate Your Business On Facebook And Start Boost Your Ads Now!

Software that every seller or marketer on Facebook should have.

KITFB (FaceBook Autopost) is software for automation on Facebook especially on Facebook Group. If you are an online seller and want to save on ads and marketing, then this software is right for you.

Using social media is a fun and sure way to get new friends, customers and fans. Getting your Facebook profile out there for everyone to see is a hard and tedious task and time is very precious for all of us and promoting yourself on Facebook is a time-consuming everyday activity. Lets it help you automate your daily activity and get you the crowd you deserve and desire.

4 Main Features Of This Software


1. Auto Add Friends

Getting more targeted FaceBook friends is no longer a difficult thing to do. Get the UID or Username of the FaceBook user and let software automatically adding them as your Friend.

You can find targeted Friends from FaceBOK Group, Fanpage or from posts with lots of engagement. Your Facebook wall is more active and sales can also be easier if you have more friends who like your products.

You also can choose to add only or auto send greeting messages to new friends whenever the system sends a request to add them as your FaceBook friend.

Find the Targeted FaceBook Friends

2. Auto Inbox Friends

Build engagement with your FaceBook friends through the Auto Inbox Friends function. Just click extract and the system will extract all your FaceBook Friend list. Then you can send them any message with one click.

You can send messages to your friends in either Text only or Text + Image. No more use manual methods to send inbox messages to your FaceBook friends. Break your fingers and let the robot do it! (dont send spam message to your friends).

Increase Engagement With FaceBook Friends

3. Auto Join Groups

One of the interesting things about Facebook is the existence of Facebook Group. That's where many targeted prospects gather and many sellers promote their products in group without paying for FaceBook ads.

With the Auto Join Group function, you simply enter the keyword and the system will search all the groups on Facebook based on the specified keyword. Then, click start and the system will auto join the FaceBook groups. No more waste your time to join groups one by one manually!

Easy To Join Multiple Group on FaceBook

4. Auto Post Groups

Want to optimize marketing on Facebook Group but tired of having to post one by one? There is now no problem with Autopost Group functionality. This is a function that Facebook seller most needed to grow business, especially those who want to save on advertising costs.

Extract the group list from your FaceBook and select which group you want to serve ads to. With one click, the system will start delivering ads to the multiple groups at once. Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Easy To Post Ads on Multiple FaceBook Group

Other Features and Advantages of KITFB (Facebook Autopost) 

Multiple Account

You can connect as many of your FaceBook accounts with this software. Then you can open all of those FaceBook accounts and do an auto post at once.

Multiple Posting

Can send only Text or Text + Image or Text + Video messages. It also has a history logs function to help you keep track of your activity logs on Facebook.

Anti-Banned Features

Can send messages / posts with different sentences (spintax), mentioned name, add timestamp, random delay time, pause during sending etc. This all can reduce the risk of your post being banned.

Free Updates

You only pay once but you get Free Updates as long as the software continues to work. The software is constantly being added to improve functionality over time.

Group Support

We provide personal chat and group support for the purpose of assisting you in the event of problems using this software. Any updates will be discussed in the group too.

Add-On Software

We will also share some additional software that can help you further optimize your business online such as FaceBook Autoreply software, Social Media Manager, UID Extractor etc.

No Token Required

You do not need a token or API access to use this software. No more issues like "error validating access token".

Support RDP Server

If you want to run software 24 hours without interruption and want access to your smartphone or Mac OS computer, you can install this software in RDP.

"Driving traffic to your website could be expensive, especially when you are in a competitive niche. With Facebook Autopost (KITFB), you can post to hundreds of Facebook groups and gain whole lot of FREE traffic."

KITFB (Facebook Autopost) was designed to help you minimize the cost and save you a whole lot of time in engaging your target audience on Facebook. We know how stressfull, time consuming and expensive it is to manage ads on FaceBook. With KITFB (Facebook Autopost), it's a breeze!

"This Software Is Perfect For Those Who Are Busy But At The Same Time Wanted To Automate Their Business On Facebook"

Save time on posting and you can focus on more important things. Let robots do your job automatically. Easiest Way to Build a Massive Marketing and Increase Your Sales!

What People Say About KITFB (Facebook Autopost)?

Thankfully KITFB (Facebook  Autopost) helped me with Free Cost Marketing (FCM) on FaceBook. Many things can be set to auto and save time. I love func auto post group, don't have to spend a lot of time with my laptop to do promotional and sharing work. To me KITFB (Facebook Autopost) is very helpful to those who are FCM focused.


Since using KITFB (Facebook Autopost) Desktop Version, ad serving and alerts for courses I work on, it's easy to do. Many applications I have used before, either from the desktop / windows or the web app to extend course alerts but some are outdated or the FaceBook account has been blocked. But with this application with the right settings, the FaceBook account has never been blocked. In short, if you need an app for marketing on FaceBook, I recommend this app, I give it 5 Stars.


KITFB (Facebook Autopost) has helped me save time in group posts. What I like about this KITFB (Facebook Autopost) is that I can use multiple accounts at the same time. I don't have to spend a lot of time with my laptop doing promotional and sharing ads. For me KITFB (Facebook Autopost) is very helpful to other business owners & I strongly recommend using this application.


LIFETIME access at a very good price ...

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On the payment page, after entering your NamesEmail addressCountry and phone number, click the arrow to see the option for methods of payments. See screenshot below.

After then, you will see the option to either pay with PayPal Account or Credit Card. If you want to pay with PayPal account, choose the first option. If you want to pay with credit card, choose the second option and follow instructions to pay. See screenshot below.

Note: that the Facebook Autopost will be sent to your Email Immediately After Payment

Remember, this software is always up to date and adds even better functionality.
Just onetime payment and don't wait until we change to monthly or yearly plan!

Software FAQs

What is the main function of KITFB software (Facebook Autopost)?

KITFB (Facebook Autopost) is a Windows OS based software whose main functions are for Auto Add Friend, Auto Inbox Friend, Auto Join Group and Autopost Group. If you are an online seller and want to save cost on marketing, then this software is right for you.

Can I use this KITFB (Facebook Autopost) on my smartphone?

This software should only be installed on Windows computers. If you want access via smartphone, you can subscribe to RDP Server and install KITFB (Facebook Autopost) software on the server. Go To Google And learn more about RDP.

Should it running if I shut down the laptop?

No. You should always be on your laptop, then this software works. If you want to run 24 hours continuously, you can install this software in RDP. Go To Google And learn more about RDP.

Can I autopost to an FaceBook Group that I do not own (not admin)?

Yes, as long as you joined the group.

Is there a risk of getting banned?

The risk too less if you not violate FaceBok policy. Usually banned are post ads only, not a FaceBook accounts. This is either because FaceBook marked your post as spam or the ad violates FaceBook policy or you post too much at a time. This software does not use tokens and it works as you would manually. So, the risk of banned is very low.

Need to use the app token?

No need. This is the advantage of KITFB (Facebook Autopost) software. You just login your FaceBook as usual without having to generate a token. So no more issues or errors caused by the Facebook API.

What is the minimum spec for installing this software?

You need to install on your Win7 SP1 OS computer and above. It is recommended to install on Windows 8 or 10. Make sure you have a FaceBook account and internet connection.

Is there a guide or group support?
There is. We never leave our users alone after purchasing our software. Group support is provided and you can even come to our office (in Malaysia) to learn face-to-face =) or we give you good and adequate online supports.

Why just onetime payment only and not monthly or yearly subscription?

Well, you were lucky to have found this software and it was created with the sole aim to to help more sellers to automate their business on the Internet. But maybe we will change to monthly/yearly subscription in future. So please dont wait until we change our mind. =)

Automate your business and save on your marketing costs. ZERO COST Marketing!

Save Time and Be More Productive

Select a group list and run the software. The system will start auto-posting to the list of groups you specify.

Add Friends and Increase Engagement

Choose friends who are targeted and get increased engagement posts on your Facebook.

Reduce Paid Advertising Cost

Reduce paid advertising costs and maximize FREE advertising costs.