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Slourish Review: How to Invest and Earn with Slourish

Slourish program is a business based platform consisting of many investors, entrepreneurs and start-ups working together to help each other and is being monitored by slourish team.

Slourish program also provides room for earning online through multiple ways and activities on the platform.

Slourish is an easy-to-use platform when it comes to it's website design and features. Slourish program can also be regarded as a business-based community for people from all spheres of business sector including micro-investors, start-ups, people interested in saving and so on.

The most interesting about slourish program is that it is free to join. Slourish doesn't require registration fee or most of your personal data before you can join. And your account remains permanently active. 

The most important thing about the slourish program is their legitimacy and sincerity in providing services and payment of all users' earnings and funds respectively.

Another great thing about slourish is it's feature called Hashed Profit Share(HPS) that gives those who save with them interest of up-to 22% of what they saved without deductions or charges. This matters a lot as you don't work and keep earning interest on what you saved.

One of the finest feature of slourish is their good support team who are always ready to attend to your inquiries and also provide suitable answers. 

Another awesome thing everyone likes about slourish is the feature that allows every member to manage and see everything from your dashboard and other pages; like wallet balance, funds, those you are connected to and so on respectively.

Slourish platform also offers unique services to its members basically start-ups. Such services include:

1. Legal matters:

Slourish helps entrepreneurs to register their companies with legal bodies and receive legal license in their business.

2. Branding start-ups:

Branding startup businesses is one of the best feature that slourish offers. Many entrepreneurs have great ideas in their business but making it a trusted brand seems too hard. Slourish helps start-ups in making logos, websites and mentoring them with their group of skilled and experienced mentors until their business have become a trusted brand.

3. Fundraising:

Funds can be regarded as one of the biggest factor to consider in any business. With slourish, fundraising has become easier for start-ups as they connect start-ups with venture capitalists who will invest with the start-ups. You only need to submit your business for verification and can start raising funds once you are approved. Investing on slourish is never risky as the slourish team will help you manage all your funds and investments.

There is much more for start-ups on slourish like marketing and support.

Apart from allowing investors to crowdfund start-ups, and allowing people to save and earn interest, slourish also offers smart and easy ways for it's members to earn. These ways include:

1. Funding your startup business:

If you have a startup business, this is probably the best option. All you have to do is, submit your business for verification and once you are verified by the slourish team, you get access to create your own campaign and members will start funding your business campaign.

2. Hashed Profit Share(HPS) program:

This program allows users to fund their HPS account and start earning interest monthly. The most interesting thing about this program is that you can cash out anytime. Its very easy to find your HPS account directly from the website in a few clicks and keep track of how your interest grow. Click here to learn more

3. Affiliate program:

Slourish affiliate program can be regarded as one of the best affiliate programs with huge earning potentials. It pays N2 per click, N100 per sign-up through your affiliate link and up to #10k per conversion (that is, when your referral funded a startup or participated in the HPS program). You earn multiple times as your referrals convert. Note that you can still, in addition, earn N1,000 per sign up. Click here to join slourish

4. Insights contribution program:

As a way of encouraging interaction on the platform, slourish introduced a new way for members to be rewarded for sharing their insights on the platform. You get rewarded to post meaningful topics, comments and replies. To participate, you need to enroll your slourish account for the program.

5. Review program:

This is probably one of the best and unique way of earning on slourish. Slourish is rewarding its members to just say what they like about the platform in blogs, videos or other online media and get paid up-to #30k per great review that has been approved by the review team. The most interesting thing here is that, one member can make many reviews and be rewarded.

All earnings on slourish can be cashed out directly to local bank accounts or through PayPal.

How to register on slourish.

To become a member of slourish, follow the steps below;

1. Visit the website by clicking the button below.

2. After that, Click "Create an Account"

3. Fill in the information required correctly.

4. Click on "Sign-up"

You are then active and can start performing different activities.

You can visit the "FAQ" page for frequently asked questions or the "Support" page to contact the slourish team after you have joined.

Happy earning!