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#Pi2DayArt Festival Showcase Review

The Pi Core Team hosted the #Pi2DayArt Festival from July 6-19, 2022, to celebrate the Pi2Day initiation of Mainnet Migration and KYC verification of over 1.5 million Pioneers—an exciting juncture in Pi’s overall development.

Pi Network started with a vision for Pi to be not only a social cryptocurrency but also an entire apps ecosystem where Pioneers can interact with one another and spend Pi for real utilities and use cases. The Pi Chat app, where a large portion of the #Pi2DayArt Festival took place, is one of the first instantiations of this vision of social interactiveness in Pi’s history.

We’ve received innumerable amazing submissions that show off the engagement, creativity and passion of the Pioneer community in line with this vision. Now that the Festival has concluded, we’re happy to share some (but not all!) of our favorite submissions.

Custom Pi tarot card, by Pioneer 

Pi still life, by Pioneer

Minimalist Pi fashion, by Pioneer 

Wolf graphic design, by a Pioneer

Oil-painted portraits of Pi Founders, by Pioneer

Pi pupper, by Pioneer

There are many pi Art Showcase, the above is the little we can show here and are also shown on pi official blog.

How To Join Existing Pioneers

Pi is projected to compete with Bitcoin and other Top Cryptocurrecies like Ethereum, Bnb after launch. Kindly follow the instructional steps below to mine pi:

How To Claim your pi? Downloand Pi App And Join Pi Network Below: Pi Network: https://minepi.com/globaltechedu Invitation Code: globaltechedu Or You Can Join Pi Network By Following The Instructions below: 1. Go to google play store and search "Pi Network" 2. Download and install it. 3. Open it and sign up with your Facebook or phone number...(preferably facebook). 4. On the page: who invited you? put "globaltechedu" as the invitation code 5. Then you press the mining button every 24 hours. That's all. Congratulations! You have joined Pi Network and you will be mining and accumulating pi for free. Don't miss out! You Can Read The Instructions On Joining Pi Network From The Blog post Below: https://www.globaltechedu.com/2021/01/pi-cryptocurrency.html

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