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Oxbtc Reviewed: Best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Website

Oxbtc Reviewed: Best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Website 

Established in 2014, OXBTC has become the world's leading and oldest cloud mining platform with its competive power cost advantage, rapidly accumulated scale effect and continuous and stable operation.

OXBTC offers Bitcoin and Ethereum cloud mining service which starts immediately after confirming payment without having to install and manage hardware. You will get higher mining profits with real miners running, professional mining farm maintenance and 24-hour customer care service by OXBTC. 

How To Register on Oxbtc

Before you can do anything or any transaction on oxbtc, you have to register first. 

Register through the link below and provide your emails and secured passwords. Don't forget your password. Keep it safe. 

                   Visit Oxbtc Website 

On the registration page, use OXTIVER as the invitation code. With that, you will also get free mining power which might last for a few days, and promo code to get a high discount if you want to buy power. See screenshot below.

After successful registration and email verification. You can start to login to the website, and start doing transactions.

How To Deposit Money To Buy Power

From the dashboard, click on the icon written "Me"

Then click on "My Wallet"

Then you will see  coins to deposit into. You can either deposit in to Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USDT.

Just click the "Deposit" of the coin you intend to fund. As can be seen from the screenshot below, I click on Bitcoin deposit and it showed the Bitcoin address below.

Copy the Bitcoin address by clicking on Copy. Then send your the amount of Bitcoin you intend to use to buy power.

If you don't want to deposit in to the Bitcoin wallet, you can deposit into the USDT wallet as shown below.

You can also decide to deposit into the Ethereum address if you wish

How To Buy Power To Earn Bitcoin or Ethereum For Life

After depositing the amount you intend. The next thing is to buy power and use the money you deposited to pay for the power.

Follow the instructions below to activate the power.

From the dashboard, click on Mining. See screenshot below.

Then you will see a lot of mining power to buy with your deposited amount. You can buy Bitcoin power or Ethereum power. From the picture below, let's say I choose Ethereum miner, the first option.

As you can see, the contract is perpetual (continuous).

On the next page, click on the Buy button. See screenshot below.

Then enter the amount of power. The default power is 1MHS. You can buy 2MHS, 3MHS, 4MHS and more, depending on the amount of money you deposited.

So enter the amount of power, then tick the "I've read and agreed with". Then click on the Buy button.

The next page is to pay with the coin you deposit into. From the screenshot below, Bitcoin is selected. Then click on Confirm Payment.

Then, your mining contract will start with 24hrs.

How To Withdraw Your Earnings

From the dashboard, click on the icon written "Me"

Then click on "My Wallet"

Then you will see coins to withdraw from. You can either withdraw Bitcoin, ethereum or USD or whatever. Just click on the coin you want to withdraw from.

Then follow instructions to input withdrawal amount and the wallet address you are withdrawing to.

That's all about it. Keep making income from this amazing website.

Frequently Asked Questions On  Oxbtc 

A.  What is the minimum withdrawal on Oxbtc? 

Bitcoin: Minimum withdrawal for Bitcoin is 0.0001BTC

Ethereum: Minimum withdrawal for Ethereum is 0.001ETH

B.  When will the Hash rate be delivered after payment?

After completing an order, the hash rate will be delivered in the next day of purchase.

C.  When will the mining profits be issued?

The first-time purchase will be issued at 0.00 in the next day of hashrate delivery.

D.  How To check my daily profits?

You can directly check yesterday's profit  and total profits on "Contract" page. 

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