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Hot Bonus for RENEC Ambassador: Receive Up To 360,000 Shiba

 At Remitano Network (RENEC), we appreciate your support in every mining session and your most minor efforts in expanding downlines. That contributes to the value of each RENEC token.

So, from May 1, 2022, RENEC Ambassadors from level 3 and above will be rewarded up to 360,000 SHIB once at each level; in gratitude for miners' efforts in expanding downlines.

Bonus Details

Ambassadors who reach levels 3, 4, and 5 can claim the bonus once at each level as follows:

Level 3: RENEC Ambassador can claim 120,000 SHIB

Level 4: RENEC Ambassador can claim 240,000 SHIB

Level 5: RENEC Ambassador can claim 360,000 SHIB

The program will last until the mainnet of Remitano Network launches.

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Important Note:

At each level, you can only receive the bonus once.

The program will last until the RENEC mining program ends.

Remitano Network has the right to unilaterally disqualify any ambassador from receiving bonus if we detect any fraud in reaching the ambassador level.

How To Get Bonus

If you are already a Level 3 ambassador or higher, please register to receive the bonus using the form below. Bonus will be distributed monthly according to the registration list and issued at the beginning of the following month (expected in the first 7-10 days of the month).

For example, as we move into June, we will distribute bonus to those who claim in May, specifically until May 30.

When the Bonus is distributed, you will see a notification on the Remitano app at the bell effect with "ding ding" sound.

Remitano hopes this will be a spiritual and material recognition for miners who actively contribute to the development of the RENEC community.

To get the Bonus opportunity from Remitano, kindly follow the link below to be redirected to the page where you will find the info and link to register for this info:


Note: From the information page link above, you will see a link that will redirect you to "Start" button and Fill the space provided as shown from the screenshots below:

- Choose the RENEC ambassador level you are in. 

- Enter the username you used for Remitano account.

- Enter the email associated with your Remitano account, and submit.

- You will see the info below that your details have been received. See screenshot below:

That's all for the hot bonus for RENEC miners 

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