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Feed The Nation Plus Reviewed: Find Out If Legit or Scam

 You Are Absolutely Welcome To Our Feed The Nation Plus Review Page!

On this page, You Will Learn A Lot About Feed The Nation Plus, Whether It is A Legit Or Legal Platform. Then, you can decide for yourself after going through our Unbiased Review About Feed The Nation Plus.

Note/Disclaimer: Globaltechedu.com is not paid to write this review about Feed The Nation Plus. This piece of Information will serve as a guide to aspiring members that want to join Feed The Nation Plus, and is searching for Legit And Unbiased Review On Feed The Nation Plus. 

Therefore, we write this review based on our first-hand experience with Feed The Nation Plus. 

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Feed The Nation Plus Program has become the systematic and stable way of stockpiling your home with Food Stuffs and provisions with Just a One- Time payment of just N1,000. 

What Is Feed The Nation Plus?

Feed The Nation Plus (FTN+) is a peculiar multi-level marketing company which was developed out of a passion to provide for all the nations. 

"We are committed to the financial growth and well-being of our esteemed members by creating a compensation plan that is pocket friendly and easy to achieve within a shortest possible time through teamwork". 

To experience financial freedom one does not have to pay through the nose, that's why our low registration fee accommodates all no matter your financial status.

The Domain Name: Official Website 

The domain name (http://feedthenationplus.org) was created on the 18th of September, 2018, which means that Feed The Nation Plus is 3 years + One Month Old as at the time of writing this review.

Taking this into consideration, Feed The Nation Plus Is Not A new income program because It had been more than A year in existence and it is still paying.

The Core Values Of Feed The Nation Plus 

- On a race to end hunger and poverty

The Mission Of Feed Nation Plus 

- To end hunger, malnourishment, poverty and to improve the standard of living for all.


The Aim of Feed The Nation Plus 

- To help the less privilege and the needy in society.

Benefits Of Joining Feed The Nation Plus 

Our compensation plan and products are time tested, trusted, and capable of eradicating hunger and poverty from your dictionary and putting smiles on your face with the following amazing rewards with one-time registration of N1,000. Below are extra benefits of joining Feed The Nation Plus.


High tech electronics and home appliances such as washing machine, Plasma TV, Refrigerator, Generator, Split Ac, Laptop, Gas Cooker, Blender, and Toaster, etc. are awarded at different stages to make your home more comfortable and beautiful.


Food is a necessity in life, we make sure that your home is continually stocked with food items that you never have to buy foodstuffs again. Also, give out to the less privileged in our communities so as to eradicate hunger and poverty in our country at a large.


Our members are awarded exotic brand new cars at the completion of stages 5 and 6, Yes you can live that dream life with Feed The Nation Plus


Members who have completed stage 6 will enjoy an all-expenses-paid trip for 2 to any Country of your choice for a week


Our core vision is to help build a happy home for all so we reach out to the needy and less privileged in our communities. At the completion of stage 5, a member is expected to recommend a widow or an orphanage and we empower them with cash rewards, food items and skills


Our wonderful compensation plan has been mapped out to greatly reward members with cash awards at different stages, which will keep you excited all the way


As a registered member of Feed The Nation Plus, you enjoy entrepreneurial training's on different types of skills such as paint production, perfume making, liquid soap, Body and hair cream, Petroleum jelly ,etc. We educate you and position you for multiple streams of income


It's our duty to create leaders and that's why we train our members on how to manage, grow and sustain your business so that after you have acquired skill, we guide you on choosing the right business. We also teach you how to grow your team and achieve your goals fast


Members are entitled to non-collateral grants to help start up their own dream businesses


Because we value education and knowledge, we award scholarships to children of both members and non-members of Feed The Nation Plus

How Does Feed The Nation Plus Works 

This is more like a Matrix platform where you refer people and earn some food package cash equivalent sent to your bank account. There are six compensation plans or stages on this platform. The more you refer, the more you go higher. The more  your downlines also refer, the more you also go higher.

With just the sum of one-time payment of N1,000, you can become a member of Feed The Nation Plus. The N1,000 is for buying a pin which you can use to Register On Feed The Nation Plus. 

How To Earn On Feed The Nation Plus 

Once you have registered on Feed The Nation Plus With Just N1,000, you stand a chance to earn from each of the compensation or rewards plan of the various stages which will be outlined in the following.

Our Compensation Plan


Upon registration of N1,000, you have successfully position yourself for earning. You are expected to register 3 people under you and collect the following package or your N1,000 back.


Custard/Golden Morn





 1 Spaghetti/Wheat

 1 Kg Semo /4pcs of Indomie

 5 pieces of Tomato

 1 Packet of Maggi



STAGE ONE                         

To complete this stage you need 12 people who have completed feeders stage under you to join you in stage one then you collect:

·         5kg rice,

·        1 Litre groundnut oil

·        500g Milo

·        400g Milk

·        1 Packet maggi

·        1/4 Carton sachet tomatoes,

·        1 Carton of indomie.

·        1 packet salt


To complete this stage you need 12 people who have complete stage one under you to join you in stage two then you collect:

Foods stuff worth #30,000 and a cash reward of #20,000.

·         25kg Rice,

·          5litre Palm Oil

·         500g Milo

·          400g Milk

·          3 pieces sardine

·          1 packet sugar

·          1 packet Maggi

·          5Litre groundnut oil

·          1/2 Carton spaghetti

·         Custard

·         5kg Semo/wheat

·         1 Butter

·          1 Packet salt

Complete level bonus: Electric kettle


To complete this stage you need 12 people who have complete stage two under you to join you in stage three then you collect:

Cash reword of #120,000 #70,000 worth of food stuffs

·         50kg Rice,

·         10 liter Palm Oil

·          500g Milo

·         Oats

·         10kg semo

·         12 pic Sadine

·         2 carton on indomie

·         1 Mayonnaise

·         Corn flakes

·         2 packet Maggi

·         1kg Detergent

·         2 Packets salt

·          3 packet of juice

·         10 litre groundnut oil

·         1 carton spaghetti

·         Custard

·         400g Milk

·         10kg Semo/wheat

·         2 cartons of tin tomatoes

·         1 Butter

·         1 Golden Morn

·         10kg Beans

·         1Toothpaste

·         1Liquid wash

·          3 Cartons can malt

Complete level bonus: Gas cooker


To complete this stage you need 12 people who have complete stage three under you to go in to stage four then you collect:

A cash reward of #700,000 and #200,000 worth of foodstuffs

·         50kg Rice

·          25litre Palm Oil

·         5 500g Milo

·          1 Oats

·          25kg Semo

·          Dozens Sardine

·         4 Carton on indomie

·         1 Mayonnaise

·         3 Corn flakes

·         3 Dozens Tissue

·         4 Crates of Eggs

·         1/2 Carton can malt

·         5 Packets of salt

·         3 Toothpaste

·          5 Dishwasher

·         2 5litre groundnut oil

·         3 Carton spaghetti

·         2. Custard

·         5 400g Milk

·         25 kg of wheat

·         4 Carton of tin tomatoes

·         2 Butter

·         2 Golden Morn

·         25kg Beans

·         1 Carton Sardine

·         1/2 Carton Juice

·         1 Bottle wine

·         5 Packets of Maggi

·         2kg Detergent

Complete level bonus: Big generator/ Deep freezer or cash equivalent of #100, 000


To complete this stage you need 12 people who have complete stage four under you to join you in stage five then you collect:

·          A Brand new car worth #5m

·          Cash reward of #1,000,000

·          Foodstuffs worth #300,000.

·         Brand new AC set worth #100 000

·         Brand new fridge worth #150,000

·         Brand new Smartphone worth #100,000

·         Free grant worth of #200,000


STAGE SIX (Ambassador)

 To complete this stage you need 12 people who have complete stage five under you to join you in stage six then you collect:

·         A dream house worth #15m

·          A brand new SUV worth #10m

·          A Cash reward of #8m

·         Foodstuffs worth of #700,000

·         Electronics worth of #1.5m

·         Child Education worth of #1m

·         International trip worth #2 000,000.

·         Additional food stuffs worth #50,000 for 6 months.

Monetized Cash Breakdown Of Your Earnings In Each Stage 

IF u don’t want food stuff, this is the converted cash. MONETISED CASH BREAK DOWN OF WHAT YOU EARN IN FEED THE NATION PLUS. CLB means –> complete level bonus 

Feeders === N1,000

Stage 1. === N6,000

Stage 2. === 50,000+5000(CLB) = N55,000

Stage 3. === 190,000+8000(CLB) = N198,000

Stage 4. === 900,00+100,000(CLB) = N1,000,000

Stage 5. === N6, 850,000

Stage 6. === N38,500,000

Who Is The Founder Of Feed The Nation 

Though the name of the founder of Feed the nation plus was not written on the website (www.feedthenationplus.org). But the founder is An Igbo man with the name of Dr. Ike Chukwu Okoye. He is both the current CEO and Founder of Feed The Nation Plus. I've personally seen the CEO and you too can see him when you visit the Feed The Nation Plus office in Lagos.

Feed The Nation Plus Review: Feedthenationplus.org Review 

As at The time of writing this Review and Up Till Now, Feed The Nation Plus is still Legit. And you need to register first with just N1,000 for pin that will be used during the registration. After that, all you need to do to keep earning more is to refer people to join Feed The Nation Plus Platform. 

In order to work less after referring people, you need to assist and educate on how to upgrade, refer friends, and move higher so that you can be able to earn more on the platform.

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How To Register And Join Feed The Nation Plus

Registering To join Feed The Nation Plus is a simple process and procedure. Below are steps To follow To register on Feed The Nation Plus. 

1. Visit The Website: www.feedthenationplus.org

2. Click on the registration page.

3. Fill the registration form.

4. Registration is just N1,000. The N1,000 is for pin to register on Feed The Nation Plus.

Feed The Nation Plus Login 

Login on to your Feed The Nation Plus dashboard is very simple. One you have successfully registered on Feed The Nation Plus, Follow the following instructions to login to your dashboard.

1. Visit the website: www.feedthenationplus.org

2. Then click on Login 

3. Then fill in the username and password you used during the registration 

Red Flags for Feed The Nation Plus 

Feed the nation plus program is paying well and no issues about the payment. It is a Legit platform. The only Red flag I see with Feed The Nation Plus is the website. The site is slow to load sometimes and it shows errors. Maybe, this might be due to many users or website who use the platform to register, login, are online or whatever.

But this Red Flag should not be an excuse for you not to join. Because the Feed The Nation Plus Platform and website is working and still working perfectly.

Green Flags For Feed The Nation Plus 

1. This platform has been in existence since 2018, and is still waxing stronger.

2. The platform is still paying very well 

3. They have their physical office In Lagos.

General Overview Of Feed The Nation Plus 

Existence: Since 2018

Website URL: www.feedthenationplus.org

Pin Registration Fee: N1,000

Authenticity: Legit up till now 

Is Feed The Nation Plus Legit?

Feed The Nation Plus is absolutely legit and paying members up till now. The earnings of members depend on the ability of members to refer people to join with just N1,000 registration. 

Is Feed The Nation Plus Scam?

We can never call a program or platform that legitimately pays it's members a scam.  Therefore from the Unbiased review we have made so far from the above about Feed The Nation Plus, I can certainly conclude that Feed The Nation Plus is not a scam as at the time of writing this unbiased review and up till now.

Our Conclusion About Feed The Nation Plus 

Note that Globaltechedu.com is not trying to just favour Feed The Nation Plus With This Review. Note that This is a Legit and unbiased review about Feed The Nation Plus. And this is review is a piece of information to aspiring members who want to join Feed The Nation Plus, and is searching for legit and unbiased review or opinion on Feed The Nation Plus.

We gave this review based on our experience so far with Feed The Nation Plus, and the fact that we are members of Feed The Nation plus. We have earned from it, and still doing so. We have registered many people to join Feed The Nation Plus,  and They are all doing well in this platform by referring people to join Feed The Nation Plus as well. If you want to register on This Platform, you can do so by reaching me on Whatsapp Chat: 08105563657.

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