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Faucet Crypto Reviewed: For Earners (Earn Free Litecoins, Bitcoin or Ethereum) and Advertisers (Drive Massive Traffic)

Faucet Crypto Reviewed: For Earners (Earn Free Litecoins, Bitcoin or Ethereum) and Advertisers (Drive Massive Traffic) 

On this page, we are going to review Faucet Crypto website that allow you to earn cryptocurrencies for free without prior investments.

Before I talk on this Faucet, I will like to first talk about the Faucet pay. Faucetpay, like a coinpot, is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to store your earnings from all the PTC and Faucet websites. You can then withdraw your money from Faucetpay to your external cryptocurrency wallet like Luno, Blockchain and so on. You can open a FaucetPay Account by clicking the link below:

       Visit Faucetpay Website

You have to put in your personal details and verify your email address. After successful registration and verification, then you can have access to your Faucet pay dashboard. This is the place you can store your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. See screenshot below.

Now that I have talked about the importance of Faucet pay, the next thing is to discuss Faucet Crypto Website which supports Faucet pay and also allow both earners and advertisers to gain. Below is a step by step guide to gain as an online earner or advertiser.

      Visit Faucetcrypto Website 

Register on Faucet crypto from the link above. After successful registration, you will be on the website dashboard.

How to Earn On Faucetcrypto

From the dashboard menu, click on "Ready To Claim".

On the page, you scroll down and you will see countdown number. Let it count to zero.

After then, click on "Get reward".

Then you see your coins earned.

After then, click on Achievements on the menu. See screenshot below:

As you can see, there's only one achievement. Sometimes you can see two, three or more achievements based on your activity on the website.

 Click on it to claim all the achievements. You will see the achievements page. Click on dropdown arrow as seen from screenshot below.

And you will click on all the achievements with this sign (*) and claim them all. From the screenshot below, click on other achievements.

And claim it below by clicking on the "Claim Achievements".

Let the number count down to zero. See screenshot below.

Then click on "Get Reward"

You will see your coins earned as shown from the screenshot below: And you can claim this daily achievement everyday you visit the site.

And sometimes you can have Ptc Achievement. Click on it and claim them all. See screenshot below.

The next is to keep claiming the coins by watching the Ptc ads. Click on "Ptc Ads" from the menu.

Then you will see a lot of ads to click and earn coins. Click on "watch".

Then allow the countdown time to finish to zero.

Then click on "Get Reward".

It will show another page for counter. Allow it count to zero.

After then, click on "continue".

Then you will see your earned coins added to your balance.

Do the same for the remaining ads

Allow it count to zero.

Click on "continue".

Then, you will see your coins earned. Do the same for all the ads.

How To Withdraw Your Coins From Faucetcrypto.

Just click on Withdraw from menu on the dashboard

You will see a lot of different coins you can choose to withdraw to.

I prefer litecoin because you can withdraw to your external litecoin wallets directly like Luno, Trust wallet and others. Select litecoin and click on Withdraw.

You can see Direct Withdraw from the screenshot below. Enter your litecoin address in address box. See screenshots below. Then click on withdraw.

If you intend to withdraw to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. You will withdraw to your FaucetPay first, then you can withdraw from the Faucetpay to your external wallets like Luno, Trust wallet and others.

If you select ethereum, click on Withdraw.

As you can see below the withdrawal method is through Faucet pay only.

Then enter the same email address you used to register for the Faucetpay in the Email box. Then click on withdraw. The money will then go to your Faucet pay immediately, which you can transfer to external wallets. The minimum withdrawal is 500 coins which you can earn in few minute

I will recommend you withdraw Litecoin so that you can withdraw it to your external litecoin address directly.

See screenshots of the payments received to my Luno Litecoin wallet.

How To Advertise on Faucetcrypto

From the dashboard menu under ADVERTISER, click on Credits. See screenshot below.

Then click on Deposit.

After then, select a payment method. Select like Bitcoin.

Then click on Generate Link as indicated from the screenshot below.

It will generate the address to deposit your money. Copy the address and send your deposit there.

You can also deposit money by clicking on the exchange.
Note that you must have earned coins from the website if you intend to use this payment method. Read from the beginning of this post if you don't understand how to earn free coins.

After then, select credit amount and click on Purchase credit. The minimum coins you can have for Ads is 2,000 coins which is very easy to get in a day. 

After successful payment and deposit methods, click on Ptc Ads under ADVERTISER again. See screenshot below.

You can read the guideline. Click on Create New Advertisements.

Then enter your Ads Title, Description, Website Url (Website Link) and set the Timer and Amount. Then click on Create.

You will start seeing massive traffic to your business website link.

If you find this article useful or have a question to ask, kindly leave a comment below in the comment below. I will surely reply you.

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