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Celo Token Review

CELO Token Review

Note That This CELO Airdrop  is no Longer paying any more..... 

If you want to read on how the CELO airdrop started, you can continue from below:

What it this airdrop?

According to Celo Team,  "We are proudly sponsored to give away 500million CELO airdrop. All withdrawals are paid IMMEDIATELY to your wallet! There is no waiting! Simply unlock withdrawal by having 1 successful referral."


Receive 0.001 CELO airdrop daily from 00:00UTC+8. 

Referral Program

Refer and earn 0.003 CELO per successful invite. 

Minimum Withdrawal

Withdraw with minimum 0.005 CELO.

Airdrop Link:


Referral Program

You can earn more when you refer your friends to join the airdrop together! Invite now before the airdrop finish! We will stop giving out CELO airdrop when all is given out.

You will Receive 0.001 CELO for joining. You can also  gain from 5 levels of referrals.

Level 1: 0.003 CELO

Level 2: 0.0001 CELO

Level 3: 0.0001 CELO

Level 4: 0.0001 CELO

Level 5: 0.0001 CELO

The more you refer the more you earn!

The airdrop is paying hurry before it finished.

Sign up bonus = 0.001

Daily earning =  0.001

Per refferal = 0.003

Minimum withdrawal =  0.005

How To Get Your Own Celo Coin

To get the Celo coin, follow the link below and you will land on your telegram and start.

Airdrop Link:


- After starting the telegram bot.

- Then press claim button you will be giving 0.001. See screenshot below:

- Your balance will be 0.002 

- Just refer 1 person asap to get 0.003  for your balance to be 0.005, and withdraw instantly  to your celo wallet. To get your referral link, you click the referral button to get your referral link:

Note: Even if you can not refer, you can still reach the minimum withdrawal balance if you claim daily. But the more you refer, the better.

Follow the instructions from the telegram bot. Set your celo wallet by clicking the set Wallet from the Telegram bot. See screenshot below:

Celo is listed on Binance. So you can copy the Celo wallet address from Binance and paste it there. 

You can also withdraw your balance by clicking the withdrawal button. See screenshot below:

Airdrop is free...

See Screenshots Of The Withdrawal Proofs:

You can also claim Celo coin daily by clicking the daily claim. See screenshot below:

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